I am a late-starter in photography. Although I always liked to "snap" a picture here and there, my serious interest in the matter started about 2014. After I have got to know some other like-minded people in a workshop by Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt, it really captivated me.

For me, photography has a lot of facetes, that fascinate me much. The landscape photography certainly is my main theme, especially at nighttime. That´s because i´m a little specialiced on milky way photography. Sunrises and sunsets are therefore also obvious topics that I like.

Seiser Alm/South Tirol

Seiser Alm/South Tirol

What i am also very intrigued of are all kinds of long exposures. The spectrum in this type of photography is also huge.

As a passionated animal-lover i always try to do some wildlife-photography. And because wildlife does not stop when it comes to small-sized animals, macrophotography is another kind i do now and then.

Since i am no professional photographer, there is something i have to do to earn my lifelihood, and that is done with our family-business. The Cafe Maurer in Mieming/Tirol.  Thats where you can find lots of my finest works on the walls.